Virginia Tech Animation Society

Welcome to the VTAS homepage!

This is the animation society of Virginia Tech. We have weekly meetings where we do group viewing of anime. On top of this, we also host various other events every semester, such as an animefest and karaoke nights.

First Actual Meeting

Our first non-vote-tape meeting will be Tuesday, September 4th. See the schedule for a detailed outline of what shows we'll be watching!

Semester Events

[Vote Tape]

We will be having our regular vote meeting on what will be shown for the following semester. Come and join us for the grand democratic showdown on what we want to watch.
WARNING:There will be rage and salty tears present

[Doujin Game Night]

We once again want you to reach out to your friends, and bring over what you can to fuel our event! Steel yourself for the clash of moe and the battle for best character. We welcome everyone to try out new games and have fun with old ones. Stop by and have some fun.

[Kabuki Night]

VTAS's Pre-fest dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse in Christiansburg.


VTAS will be hosting one of it's bi-annual anime fests over the span of these three days. We have prepared almost 48 hours of near non-stop anime for people to view. We'll be showing anime episodes, OVAs, movies, shorts, and will be taking suggestions up until a week before. Feel free to show up and enjoy mind numbing amounts of anime with everyone!